Planetary Images - CMOS and CCD

NTSC images taken with a "CyberEye" ccd video camera placed at prime focus of a Meade ETX.

See Lunar Images for information on CyberEye camera project.

CyberEye image of Jupiter Jupiter: "CyberEye" NTSC video frame taken through ETX90
CyberEye image of Saturn Saturn: "CyberEye" NTSC video image taken through ETX90
Pictor image of Saturn Saturn: Meade Pictor 216XT, Barlow on 10" LX200 f/6.3 (raw image)
Pictor 416XT tri-color image of Jupiter Jupiter: Meade Pictor 416XT with 616 Color Filter Wheel on 10" LX200 f/6.3

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